There is no doubt that the issue of Climate Change, becomes one of the most significant areas of discussion in recent democracies, with leaders in a Global level to act for a better and safer life. The recent pandemic changed the way that Governments, Public institutions and people act, live, behave and work. Global economies are now gradually in a process of moving towards pre Covid-19 levels of functionality, but unfortunately in a framework of pessimistic predictions regarding climate change, economies and actually regarding the future and the life conditions of coming generations. Major political decisions are taken, the European Union legislates and sets the framework for emissions reduction, electromobility, renewable sources of Energy production etc.

Energy Forward 2022,  is designed to address a multi sectoral, multi stakeholder and interdisciplinary dialogue on Energy sector while on Climate Change and Sustainable World. The objective of the event is to draw the lines of future institutional decisions which will guide the world to a “greener” reality, will set those politics which will help Governments, Companies and major players to adopt environmental philosophies and finally raise those issues which will change today’s needs and become the melting pot of the world’s brightest minds, talents, and products.

From top speakers and exhibitions to open innovation, live experiences and product launches. The proving ground for the world’s business leaders, pioneering thinkers, the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

For the first time in Greece, Energy Forward 2022 will offer a dedicated stage for all those who thrive in the area of Energy sector, and aims to reunite Governments, stakeholders, Modern Businesses and regulators, under the same vision. A better future for us and the coming generations.



People is the heart of the world we live in. This first summit is dedicated to the importance of human beings in creating a sustainable and safe “home” for the present and future generations


As humanity expands its reach across the planet, harnessing its resources and striving to improve the livelihoods of billions of people worldwide, the urgency of ensuring the sustainability of our presence here is rapidly increasing.


A high end Governmental and Institutional based Forum, with speakers from major Governmental and Business Institutions.


Why attend

Grow your institution

In just 3 days you can generate global sales leads, develop quality relationships through face to face interactions and gain invaluable exposure to the new era of the Energy sector.

Build your network

A dedicated stage that puts together all the eco - systems from all the industry 4.0.


Enjoy human to human interactions with the intensive interactive formats and experiences inside and outside the venue and gain new knowledge and inspiration.


Align your brand with the leading international summit for Energy & Climate Change in SE Europe.

Corporate Responsibility

Energy Forward is a unique opportunity for organizations, companies and institutions to actively highlight their policies and actions in the field of CSR. Climate change, waste management, environmental and energy decisions are globally top priority areas of activation. During the event, major organizations, EU decision makers and entrepreneurs will set the framework for a better future.

Engaging comunities

An interactive platform for communities, to exchange their views regarding Energy issues raised during the last decades. A creative discussion field for talented minds and forward thinkers.




We’re controlling crowd density, stand capacity and traffic flow.


Let’s keep it clean. You’ll need to wear a protective face mask


All information points and registration will be touchless.


Staff will be trained in health and safety guidelines and rules for the venue.